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Applicants List
CodeFullnameArticle name
A001MissZheng ShuThe changes in consumer behavior and offline stores under the epidemics
A002MissRong HouThe Way to improve Efficiency and Mutual Trust by Transforming to Remote Work
A003MrKrishna VirkarMultigenerational Conflict Impact on Employee?s Engagement and Job Enrichment in the Workplace
A004MrBaoyu WangResearch on the Formation of Modern Consumerism
A005MrYI RENTax Issues Under the Business Model of Shared Accommodation
A006MrZHONG GENGJUNThe crisis management of food industry during pandemics, a case study of Xiwang Food Co., Ltd.
A007MissSheela DeviHuman resources (HR) and competencies toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) in organizational life.
A008MrCheng YifengIs Social Media The New Market? - Research the new market development based on social media
A009MrKanapoj SangasilpDigital Payment System of Bangkok Expressway and Metro Business during Covid-19
A010MissKunakorn SricharoenwongThe Fundraising Risk of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in Digital Asset
A0111Kaung Pyae SoneA Study of Cashless System Digital Transformation and its Challenges During the Covid-19 Pandemic
A012MrMin Myo Thet TunThe challenges of E-commerce and online marketing toward logistics service in Myanmar
A013MrMichael HartQuantitative Easing Economic Effects in the United States during the Covid Era
A014MissWarinjinya NiamkhamThe impact of social media marketing strategies on promoting SMEs sustainability
A015MissRuthairat KanaManagement of Non-Performing Loans (NPL) Credit Card Loans of Financial Institutions
A016MsSee LorImpact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Hmong Community-based Tourism in Northern Thailand
A017MissPakapun ThaveesubInvestment trends and Investment decisions in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
A018Ms.Tatjana DepriThe study of managing a multigenerational workforce in consideration of work-life balance and...
A019Mr.Peeranit PoomchoompolSoftware Industry Sustainability: Open Source Software
A021misterHaoming YangCorporate Value Evaluation of Listed Liquor Companies??Taking Kweichow Moutai as an Example
A022 MrKittidet PhophinFactors Affected to Select the Decision-making of Orange by Kerry Transportation in Yasothon Tad-tho
A023MsXUEFENG DONGThe application and research of blended teaching design of dance under the OMO model of higher vocat
A024MsDAN ZHEN Financial analysis of Great Wall Motor in 2017-2021 based on the Harvard Analysis framework
A025MrPENG TANGThe dilemma of creation and the analysis of box office for Chinese love movie

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